Battery Gladden 

Photo Gallery #3

The Following Battery Gladden Lighthouse Photographs are from the  Johnny Newman Collection, and the late Mignonette Lambert McDonald. We hope you enjoy viewing them.

If you know of a relic from any Alabama Lighthouse that is in someone's private collection please ask
them to donate it to the Alabama Lighthouse Association for future generations to see and enjoy! We guarantee no negative attitudes, just our gratitude

Sand Island Lighthouse has lost all of the round floor plates and the door off of the top of the lighthouse.
Full credit for restoring items to the Lighthouses can be given!

Any old lighthouse photos or documents also would be appreciated.

The Battery Gladden  Lighthouse is lost to us and our children forever.
Photographs  are all that remain.
Let's not let this happen to another Alabama Lighthouse!

Battery Gladden Lighthouse Photo
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From the Johnny Newman Collection

Battery Gladden Lighthouse

  From Mignonette Lambert McDonalds collection

Theodore Lamberts Lighthouse Orders

This is a copy of Theodore Lamberts (Battery Gladdens Assistant Keeper)
 transfer orders to report to his new job position.

From Mignonette Lambert McDonalds collection

Battery Gladden Lighthouse

Battery Gladden Lighthouse Mobile, Alabama
From Mignonette Lambert McDonalds collection

This photo of a gathering at the Lighthouse shows Theodore Lambert

Party at Battery Gladden Lighthouse
From Mignonette Lambert McDonalds collection

This newspaper clipping tells the location of the lighthouse

From Mignonette Lambert McDonalds collection

How the Battery Gladden Page began

For those of you who are wondering what Battery Gladden Lighthouse information
 is doing on the Sand Island Lighthouse web pages I provide the following explanation.
Some of this  Battery Gladden information was provided to me by Mignonette Lambert McDonald
 just a very short time before she passed away.
 Aunt Mignonette was my grandmothers sister. I had no idea before she called me on the telephone
that I had a relative who was once a  Battery Gladden lighthouse keeper.
She had been following my involvement with the Sand Island Lighthouse
and thought the Battery Gladden Information should be preserved.
I agreed and forwarded the information to the Alabama Historical Commission and developed this web page.
As we discover more information it will be added to the web page.
I hope you enjoyed viewing this information.
Warren Lee
March 11, 2002

Sand Island Lighthouse  circa 1894 (painting)

Sand Island Lighthouse 1894
This is a scan of a painting of the Sand Island Lighthouse.
David Smith Artist